Swivel Base 169-A (26.9mm)

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Swivel Base 169-A (26.9mm)

Tube Clamp or Key Clamps for 26.9mm hand rail tube. This malleable iron casting is also available in 33.7mm, 42.4mm and 48.3mm sizes. Complies with B.S. EN1461. And are also known by the term pipe clamps.

Manufacturing Standard B.S. EN1461.
Material Blackheart malleable iron casting (BS EN 1562:1997) using grade B32-10 material with a hot dipped galvanised finish (BS EN 1461:1999)
Allen Key Size 1/4
Weight 0.4kg

Complete locating swivel. Swivel has a travel of approximately 85° from the vertical in each direction.

To secure this fixing you can use an M10 through bolt.

Equivalent product 
 Interclamp  169
 Keeklamp  C58
 Fast Clamp   C46
 Alvin  A52

We do not recommend pre-drilling as there can be irregularities in casting that can produce small variations in the size of the holes.

All clamps come with stainless steel grub screws fitted. If full tightened using a ratchet key to a torque of 4.1kg/m (29ft/lb), the grub screw is capable of withstanding an applied slipload of 900kg