Scaffold Prohibition Kit (Pack of 10)

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Scaffold Prohibition Kit (Pack of 10)

This scaffold prohibition tag kit is made up of:

  • • 10 ClawTag holders

  • • 20 Inserts

  • • 2 Pens

And comes boxed.

Side 1:
Is to be displayed when the scaffold has failed an inspection, and warns users not to use the scaffold until it has been made safe and passed a re-inspection.

Side 2:
This side can be displayed to temporarily prohibit access to a certain part of the scaffold. 

Scaffolding structures must be inspected under the following conditions:

  • • After initial erection.
  • • Following exposure to weather that could affect stability or strength.
  • • Following substantial alteration.
  • • At regular intervals (not exceeding 7 days from the previous inspection).

Our clawtags display the message "do not use this equipment" when no insert is used, which can be used easily if scaffolding fails an inspection, or can be used with the scaffold prohibition insert. The tags can be further secured to scaffolding with cable ties.

We also supply packs of inserts.

ClawTag Size
280mm x 80mm
ClawTag Thickness
ClawTag Material
Nylon 6
Insert Size
180mm x 75mm
Insert Thickness
Insert Material

We also supply a wide range of other tags and inserts.

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