RidgeGear Scaffolders Safety Harness Kit RGHK2.RGL9 Leather

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RidgeGear Scaffolders Safety Harness Kit RGHK2.RGL9 Leather

This RidgeGear fall arrest system is a complete safety harness kit specifically designed for scaffolders. Designed and manufactured by RidgeGear in Britain, quality is guaranteed through prototyping and rugged testing of all products.

Safety harnesses are the foundation of any fall arrest system, and our RidgeGear scaffolding harnesses are fully adjustable that allow unparalleded comfort and performance.

Each safety harness kit includes:

• RGH2 full body harness. Fittings on this harness are made from high strength tensile steel alloy. Our RGH2 safety harnesses meet IPAF safety standards.
Our harnesses include leather strips on the shoulders which makes it very easy to hold scaffolding tubes.

• RGL6 1.8m elasticated webbing lanyard with shock absorber. This is made from 35mm tubular webbing with a maximum arrest force of <6kN.  The elastication in the webbing reduces the amount of hanging slack in the lanyard, which can be helpful when working in tight spaces to help reduce trip hazards and entanglement.

• Ultra lightweight RGK11 scaffold clip manufactured from aluminium allows for speedy one handed operation. This clip is supplied stitched into the lanyard.

• All of the connectors you need to work safely at height.

This harness features front and rear attachment points (D harness) and rip stitch indicators.

We also stock a twin leg fall arrest system.

Harness Specifications
Accredited to EN 361
Web Material 45mm water repellent polyester
Fittings High tensile steel alloy & st/steel
Weight 1.15 kg
Features Rear & front attachment point
Lanyard Specifications
Web Material 35mm tubular webbing
Fittings RGK12, 70mm Delta Link
Weight 0.4 kg
Max Arrest Force < 6kN
Features Expanding elasticated lanyard. Fitted with shock absorber pack