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Garden Netting

Our Garden – Allotment Netting is a Heavy Duty durable netting manufactured from quality  filament polyethylene yarn.  It is used as crop netting, bird netting, and to protect horticulture from pedestrians and predators.


Garden Netting is available in 2 metre x 50 metre rolls and 3 metres x 50 metre rolls, each roll comes with Eyelets at 10cm intervals.  Our Garden Netting – Allotment Netting can be fastened with Cable Zip Ties which are also available.  An extensive Colour range is available including:

Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Orange and Yellow.  Fire Retardant Debris Netting – Scaffold Netting is also available, please see listings. Garden Netting may be fastened using our

Plastic Cable Tie - ZipTies!.  Our Garden Netting – Allotment Netting is Heavy Duty, so please bear this in mind when chosing!   Let’s grow together!

For assistance and Technical Support please call our office on 0151 678 7997