Cup System (compatible with Cuplock) System Scaffolding Package 12.5 Metre (40ft)

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Cuplock Scaffolding System - is manufactured from 3.2mm High Grade Tubing. Cuplock Scaffolding System is the most widely used System Scaffolding. Cuplok System Scaffold is Galvanised for long life.

Cuplock System Scaffolding specification is compatible with SGB CUPLOK and similar Cuplock Scaffolding products.

Packages are supplied with a 5 Metre Platform Height (16ft), other sizes are available.

Cuplock System Scaffold Package 12.5 Metre (40FT) - Five x 2.5 Metre Bays -(8ft)

Component List: 

20 x 3 Metre Standards - Verticals

4 x 2 Metre Standards - Verticals

50 x 2.5 Metre Ledgers - Horizontals

22 x 1.3 Metre Ledgers - Horizontals

6 x 1.3 Metre Omega Transoms - for Battens

4 x 2.5 Metre x 2.0 Metre Braces

12 x 4 Tonnes Base & Jacks (New)

25 x 2.5 Metre Timber Battens (New)

Effecient Scaffolding System with 4 Way Blade & Cup design.

High Performance with up to 30% time saving on traditional scaffolding.

Flexible - 0.6 Metre - 3.0 Metre Bays.

Cup Lock Scaffolding System retains its value and is a safe investment, we also offer "buy backs".

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