Cup System (compatible with Cuplock) PACKAGE 10 Metre (New) - Galvanised Battens

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Cup System (compatible with Cuplock) PACKAGE 10 Metre (New) - Galvanised Battens

Four linked 2.5m bays of Cup System scaffolding. This package allows you to build a 5m platform height scaffold of new, galvanised cuplock, the most popular system scaffold in the world.

Our packages all use the Omega batten system, which is a lot faster than standard scaffolding boards, which require additional support. They also include a double handrail for safety.

10 Metre Cuplock Package (32ft approx.)  - (4 X 2.5 Metre Bays) - Component List 

Included in Package:
17 x 3 Metre Standards - Verticals
3 x 2 Metre Standards - Verticals
40 x 2.5 Metre Ledgers - Horizontals
19 x 1.3 Metre Ledgers - Horizontals
5 x 1.3 Metre Omega Transoms - for Battens
4 x 2.5 Metre x 2.0 Metre Braces
10 x 4 Tonne Base & Jacks (New)
20 x 2.5 Metre Galvanised Battens (New)

Cup System Scaffolding Packages are supplied with a 5 Metre Platform Height (16ft approx) and a single deck of boards. Additional boarded lifts are available and all sizes catered for, email us with your requirements.

Cup System Scaffolding is the most popular type of system scaffolding in the world. Using the same, fast to erect cup and blade system as Cuplock scaffold and with only 4 main components, it goes up 30% quicker than traditional scaffolding.

Fully compatible with the original SGB Cuplock, Cup System scaffolding is manufactured to the same specification from galvanised hi-yield 3.2mm wall scaffold tube, making Cup system components 20% lighter than their standard 4mm tube counterparts.

We offer full technical support available to all our Cuplock Customers.