Chemical Safety Tag Kit (Pack of 10)

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Chemical Safety Tag Kit (Pack of 10)

This chemical safety tag kit is made up of:

  • • 10 AssetTagMax holders

  • • 10 Inserts

  • • 1 Pen

And comes boxed.

When working with chemicals, you must be clear with what is being stored where, and any risks to persons involved with their handling. Details on these inserts include:

  •  Chemical names and emergency contact numbers.
  •  Supplier details, references and emergency contact numbers.
  •  Immediate action & first aid instruction
  •  Spillage and treatment
  •  Appropriate fire extinguishing instructions

Our tags display the message "do not use this equipment" when no insert is used, which can be used easily if the equipment fails an inspection. This tag should be attached and displayed in a visible area around the equipment.

The tags can be further secured to scaffolding with cable ties.

We also supply packs of inserts.

AssetTagMax Size
213mm x 80mm
AssetTagMax Thickness
AssetTagMax Material
Nylon 6
Insert Size
180mm x 75mm
Insert Thickness
Insert Material

We also supply a wide range of other tags and inserts.

These tag kits are similar to Scafftags.